Monday, November 29, 2010

You've lost your muchness

Dear lovely year 2010,

what if it was agree that 2010 was over tonight?...would you do it for me? would you make me that happy?.

There's something funny that's being happening to me lately, my neighbor's name is Jesus.. and any time we (my cousin and I) need something we just ask him... Jesus, the neighbor, not the "real" one... and now it has became an internal joke so we're all the time saying "I'll just go ask Jesus if he'll do that for me"...

So, should this post be dedicated to him?

IDK, but getting to the point of this: PLEASE YEAR, PLEASE LISTEN TO MY PRAYERS AND FLY AWAY ASAP.... I need a break from you, you have to let me live! you were an amazing year (not) and i've learn tons of things (not those many) plus, i'm gonna graduate (hopefully) AND I'll get to move out to where I think I'll be happier.. so please please please get the fout of here

Thank you very much
with love... (not a lot)