Thursday, December 9, 2010

All About Your Heart

Tomorrow is the day... tomorrow is the day when i'm finally gonna be free, free?. I'll be done with school in less than 12 hours and I still can[t believe it.
Time has gone by so very fast and my emotions keep spinning arround! I cant process any more information in my head. I can't take any more responsabilities for now, IM FREE.
Free from trying to please others, free from trying to please my self professionally speaking, free from trying so hard to keep in truck and dont dissapoint anybody on tin the from this life. Not that i hate it, but im OH-SOO-READY to start "a new life" and i'm so ready to let the child let the teenager go, to let this young adult go! let them free, let them all free...let my self be me and let my life follow my heart.
today I feel good, i just feel I want to cry but still can't... I want to be happy so bad that crying doesn't fitt well in this situation...

It's all about my heart tonight.