Thursday, April 15, 2010


Have no idea why the title but whatever...
As i've been saying, next friday is my birthday, i got some cute stuff to celebrate it but you'll all get to see it on pictures after the party... I'm in the middle of a huuugggeee problem now because i have to decide what shoes i'mgonna wear, and go out and get them!!! lol... im 100% sure i wanna wear shorts and a black vest... but the problem are the shoes.. you see, these shoes are SOOOO IN here, and i like them.. but i dont know if i can wear them, and at the same time handle everybody looking at my feet while they're talking to me.. the fact is that i'm going home for my birthday, and the party is gonna be there, of course, in a very small town where people wear nothing but convers SOOOO.. im gonna feel kinda out of place..
so tomorrow, home sweet home.

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Whitney said...

I just wanted to let you know that your package went out last week so you should definitely be getting it soon.

I made sure to include all sorts of scrapbook goodies and I got some cupcake stuff for you after I saw your blog about making cupcakes.

Let me know when you get it :)

Talk to you soon,