Wednesday, March 10, 2010

BIRTHADY PARTY proyect #1 "invitations"

They are done!!! yayyy I'm gonna send them tomorrow, I'm gonna have 70 guests for the first part (dinner) and after that 100 more just to the dance part. I'm flying home on april 16th and the party is gonna be on april 23rd  (the exact day of my birthday yyayyy) ... first time in 12 years i'm gonna have a birthday party, I can't explain how excited is my mom, she can't believe that finaly I wanna celebrate a birthday.
Anyway, here are the invitations:

This while I was making them

This is how they look from the outside

This is the inside and the little black ones have the date, time and directions

This is how the evelopes look like from the front and the back

And finally this is Louise eating a grape with me when we were making the invitations..

Hope you guys like them, I think they look really cute :) I'm starting to feel excited about my birthday; I'm tired today tho, it's already 12.30 am in my country and I took 2 classes today (morning and evening) and tomorrow I have to do the same so i gotta go to bed.
THANKS!!! justine for this award
I'm gonna pass it to Mari


Mari said...

Thank you so much for the award!!! I absolutely am in love with you invites they are unique and dainty and beautiful!! and yay another vegetarian...I'm thinking I'm going to have a problem not eating chicken (seeing as I just snuck a piece) but thank you letting em know you have it occasionally...makes me feel better for craving it

Plaid Guru said...

Wow! Those invitations are really nice.. I imagine your party will be pretty intense :) Want to hear all about it!