Friday, March 5, 2010

Universidad de Buenos Aires (public school)

This morning was definetly an adventure. I went to the public University of Buenos Aires, so sign up my cousin to her calses for next semester. Let me say that schools in Argentina are nothing compared with the most horrible schools in USA. I go to a private school here in Buenos Aires, wich means you have to pay to go and get your title on whatever you wanna study; but we also have this school wich was suposed to be the most prestigious school in all latin america so many years ago; But now, as the years go by, as the society changes more and more and as the governments of our country don't give a shit about this school, this is what it has turned into:


The Entrance:

The Inside and a classroom (such a sad place to go to study):

The outside:

This is how clean they keep the place:

Students even sell stuff outside as if they where in some kind of public market or something like that:

Well, that's what I did today, now i'm just gonna scrapbook and watch tv. I just made a reservation for a ticket to go to my house on my birthday yyyayyyyy hopefully my dad would pay for that, otherwise I'll have to get my mom in a very good mood to get her to pay for it haha.
Seriously, the situation with that school made me feel so sad, sad for my country and sad for the posibilities we could have if our governments knew how to use them. Every day I feel more sure I want to leave this country.

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Hi there, I am ck, and I come here to check out your blog because of your comment on my blog earlier on this week. Thanks for following my blog =) and I must say that I am rather interested to read your blog, because I never really read people's blog that's out of my region (meaning south east asia). So, I believe I will continue reading your blog =)
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