Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Best American Friend, her mail and her GIVEAWAY

So, the best thing we can do to make somebody happy is send mail. Yes, that's what I think. Probably because here in Argentina mail is not at all a common thing; we dont use it. Never. So nobody sends me anything here, no my friends or even my family that lives very far away from me. Well, I dont do it either, not to people in Argentina, we stick to calls and emails probably but usually calls. Is like in this country once you have phone there's nothing else you should use.
But yesterday, I GOT MAIL! and when that happens (always from my international friends) I'M THE HAPPIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD.

And this is what my friend JUSTINE sent me:

And of course i sent her something back:

about the giveaway, you really wanna go check that out here because is awesome!!!!!!!!
And also RASHA is having a surprise GIVEAWAY check it out here !!!

And the last thing I wanna share are the invitations for my bithday party (next month); this is how they're looking now:

Not done yet but tomorow I will post the complete process and how they look finished.


maria said...
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justinee said...

you are too cute.

grrfeisty said...

i loved the book water for elephants! i read it a couple years ago :)

Mari said...

Justine is a sweetheart!! I'm so happy I met you two and those invites are look cahh-uttee!

Mari said...

OMG! did I tell you yet that I dream of going to Buenos Aries?? I'm going as a graduation present there and to Peru! and probably Chile!

maria said...

yyyayyy when are you coming? we can meet!!!

miss indie said...

I love getting mail too! So much fun.
and those invitations are so cuteee!