Friday, March 12, 2010


For those who doesnt know me, I am not a person easy to excite..
Usually emotions don't show through my face, my body or my expressions... It could seem really hard to get me to smile but it's actually really easy.

There is one person that can get me to smile even when she think she's doing everything wrong. Even when i'm in a very bad mood...
I don't show it, of course, because i have this internal smile system that allows me to be smiling inside but crying outside :)
But today I feel my face could look like this forever

Not only because, as I've mentioned before, I LOVE GETTING MAIL, but also because this was a very special mail. I was excited about getting this for a lot of reasons, first because Louise was gonna get her AWESOME tinny hamster ball (we don't have small ones here, just the big ones and Louise is just a baby - cute little baby)... Anyway, I was excited about that, and Nick Jonas cd because is not coming to Argentina till July (yes, I DO LIKE the Jonas Brothers)... Also the cute scrapbook paper.... but mostly I was curious about what the letter in that mail was gonna say... And that was fine...

but inside Louise's ball there were tooonnnnsssss of little papers saying a lot of reasons why she loves me.

so I read them. How amazing is to realize that someone loves you even more than you love yourself?... To actually find that he/she loves you even for everything you hate about you?... no words.

I know we're having rough times with this long disstance relationship, I know we're both such an assholes sometimes... But I do love you more than anything in this entire world and I'm SO GLAD and happy you're in my life.


Anonymous said...

She did such a good job!!

maria said...

sometimes she does (L) lol