Monday, March 1, 2010

Getting started

So, I made this blog long time ago but I never used it... now that I have half of my friends far away from me (and it's always gonna be like that because georaphically I can't get USA and Argentina together) I'm gonna post as much as I can to show the ones that are far way from me how my life's going.

And this is what I did last week because I was suuuuper bored:
A NEW JOURNAL!!!!.... how exciting...

And last night Cassie and I stood up till 7am (my time) making life plans ... (she doesnt know it but I love it when we do that haha)... and we came up with this:
wedding dresses!!!!!.... yyyayyyy


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I love your sketches. AND your journal. You're so creative. <3

Linda said...

Hello Maria.....welcome to the world of blogging, I hope you have fun here!
Your blog header and layout look lovely. Keep up the good work with the journal.
Best wishes from England.
Linda :-)

Una said...

I love your sketches! Keep up the great artwork:) Your blog is already lovely:D

Una said...

Thank you also for your most kind comment! I cannot reach you by e-mail. You can enable people to reach you by adjusting some setting in your Blogger account. (I'm not sure which, but you seem like a person who would be able to find out in a whizz) Take care. - Una:)

Linda said...

Maria, hello...Thanks for visiting my blog and yes, I'll check back on you and see what you are doing. Welcome to blogging and I hope you'll like it...take care, Linda

You might consider changing your settings so that people can respond to your are currently set at no reply. thanks, Linda